Meet Nichola

Nichola (20)

Nichola is originally from England and graduated with a B.Sc. in Agriculture. She spent 10 years working with farmers helping them to survive and diversify with the assistance of European Union funding.

She moved to Canada in 2009, settled with her family and started working for Scotiabank as a Small Business Advisor. Her goal was to connect, hands-on, with business owners and farmers, meeting their financial needs to expand and develop their businesses.

Nichola’s passions are horses, therapuetic riding and connecting with people. 

As a Certified Bookkeeper, through Ashton College, BC, Nichola created AccountAbility House Bookkeeping with the purpose to deliver authentic and dependable services.  She lives and operates out of Saskatoon, SK. Her versatility allows her to provide virtual bookkeeping or deliver services at a client’s local site.


"Best money I have ever spent."

Cynthia Watson

Sole Connection

"Nichola is diligent, quick to respond and always willing to answer any questions that arise."

Aaron Pilon

New Life Center

"Nichola is very hard working and has always been one step ahead of my expectations on every task that I’ve seen her do."

Mike Gardiner

Gentle Giant Tech Assistance

"She explains things, so we can understand."

Debbie Zumstein

Girl Guides of Canada